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Commission Policy

September 4, 2015 at 2:52pm

My policy on commissions is as follows: I require a Commission Retainer of $150.00. Then once I determine your design requirements, I can give you an estimate of the final cost based on the time required to complete the piece. If you choose at that time not to have a commissioned piece, I will refund half of your down payment and retain the other half for time spent with concept development and research.


Once it is agreed upon that I will begin work on your piece; if at anytime in the process you decide you do not want the piece, you will lose the full amount of the Commission Retainer Fee.


The items I make are one-of-a-kind, I will not reproduce a design that I have sold to someone else, for you.  If you would like a similar concept, I would be happy to come up with a new design using the same concept. I also will not reproduce portions of a hat or sculpture at a vastly reduced price for you to use in your own designs.  As an artist, I retain control over how my work is viewed and displayed.


A note on my work: 99% of what I create is hand sculpted. I do not rely on plastic pieces and parts that have been painted. The pieces I sell are not prefabricated items that I purchase and decorate. I designed the pattern for the pieces and fabricate them myself.  This ensures that the sculptural piece I create is a one of a kind. The apparel pieces I make are not one-time use costume pieces, I build them strong to last and become a part of who your persona is. I love making art that can be worn and used and shared by those who purchase it. These pieces are my art, they are me, and I create them for you. 

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