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Custom Sculpted Wine Bottle Stoppers

For those who are new to my work, I also create custom hand sculpted wine bottle stoppers in polymer clay. You give me your ideas and I come up with the design.

This was a custom project for a wedding gift, the Bride had a Harley Davidson themed wedding so I mage it look like the Harley logo and planted it into some motorcycle tires. I also made little tire wine glass charms to complete the set.

This was a custom stopper for someone who loves Gnarly Head Wine. I made it look like a wee tiny bottle surrounded by grape vines.

This pair of wine stoppers were created as a retirement gift for a couple who love to hike together and will now have the time to do so.

His and Hers hiking shoes with a quote for each beneath.

A wine stopper commissioned for a registered nurse, I made a nurses hat, a tiny termometer, an I.V. bag of fluids and a tiny stethiscope and added some roses and ribbons to the IV stand.

A rooster Wine stopper for a person who collects roosters.

For an avid flower gardener.

Made for someone who loves loggerhead sea turtles. This was a fun one, I enjoyed making the sea life cligning to the rocks.

Made for someone who makes their own Dandelion Wine, so I added fruits used in making the wine.

A chephalopod lover's wine stopper.

A steampunk robotic submarine fighting a giant tentacle.

A steampunk hot air balloon wine stopper.

and last in this post, but alas not all of the stoppers I have created, a Tardis wine stopper.

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